Alliance Codes for World War App by Storm8

April 14th, 2010

World War is a massive online strategy game by Storm8

If you play World War, the fantatastic strategy War-Game published by Storm8 you are in need to build up your alliance. Building up a strong alliance is one of the key-factors for being a successful player in World War. You can have all the avaiable Weapon-Systems, without an alliance you will not succeed. With your allies you become stronger and more successful in battles. Each ally allows you to take command of six additional units. Your allies will always deploy the best units avaiable. Find here your new allies.

Hint: It is better to build upo your alliance in steps by adding five new allies. You are  gaining advantages, if you perform to keep your allies by 4, by 9, by 14, by 19 and so on because the system is choosing your enemies not only from the same level. It is also using enemies to display in a range of steps by five. So if you have 4 allies, you are fighting against people of your level having 0 to 4 allies. If you have 5 allies you are fighting against enemies with 5 to 9 allies. We suggest, that you always should try to have the maximum possible allies in your range.

Next hint: It makes sense to check your allies from time to time, because there might be some allies, which are not developing their account. It is helpful for a strong alliance to quit the alliance with the weakest alliance-members from time to time and keep the stronger ones.


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