Get Clan-Members for Crusade: Knights War

Dezember 12th, 2012

Crusade_Knights_war_featureCrusade: Knights War is the newest Massive-Multiplayer-Online-Game for iPhone and iPod Touch.  It is based on the same engine like Original Gangstaz and Global War. So players of these games will find themselves quite  familiar with the environment. To be a successful Knight you need a big clan. There are several ways to raise the number of clan-members. Our post will advice you in getting more clan-members fast. You are invited to leave your code here, so that you can be invited by other readers of our blog.

In game Recruitment

On the main-screen you’ll find the tab “Social” in the right corner. If you tab there, you’ll find a selection of possibilities. First is ” V.I.P. + Codes”. Here you can invite V.I.P. Heroes to your clan. This V.I.P. Heroes spent 25 Magic Points to be on the list. You are allowed to invite 50 V.I.P. Heroes per day you log in. That is the second fastest way to expand your gang. The fastest way is to list yourself als a V.I.P. Hero for a day – you will receive hundrets of invitations.


In iTunes users have the opportunity to comment on apps. Have a look in the comments-section of iTunes for Crusade: Knights War. You will find several codes there. If you write a comment by yourself and leave your Crusade Friend Code, others will invite you and your clan size is developing step by step.

Crusade: Knights War App Store Artwork

Crusade: Knights War App Store Artwork


Please leave your code and color here as a comment. This will also result in invitations by other players.  See the first comment, which is our code. Just add a comment with your number in the format 123.456.789 (use your own code here, which you’ll find under Social –> Friend Code)

Why are bigger mobs so important?

When fighting in Crusade: Knights War, you will attack with 10 times of clan members the highest level participating in the fight. Example: If you are a level 48 player with 600 clan members and you attack a level 52 player you will fight with 520 gang members. If you have less clan members than the sum of highest level participant in the fight x 10 you will fight with all of your clan members. You will be able to see how many clan members a enemy fights with in the clan icon in the fight result.


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