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Get Friends for Megapolis and receive more Gifts and Help with your City

Mai 29th, 2013

Screenshot Megapolis

If you play Megapolis or Megapolis HD on your iPhone, iPad or Android, the fantatastic citybuilder game, you are in need to build up your number of friends.

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Get more Mobsters with our Friend Codes for iMOB2 for iPhone and iPod Touch

Januar 28th, 2012

iMOB iPhone and iPod Touch Game - Screenshot

iMob2 is a new massive online roleplay in the Mafia milieu published by Addmired. It is based on the same engine like Original Gangstaz and Global War. So players of these games will find themselves familiar with the environment. To be a successful Mafiosi you need a big mob. There are several ways to raise the number of mob-members. Our post will advice you in getting more mob-members fast. You are invited to leave your code here, so that you can be invited by other readers of our blog.

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Get Mobsters for Mobster Wars on iPhone, iPod and iPad

Juli 12th, 2011

Get Mobsters for Mobster Wars to join your Mob

In June 2011 Mobster Wars arrived in the App Store. Leave your Storm8 ID here and collect ID's of other players to build up your mighty mob.

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Get free Friend Codes for Global War here (and leave yours…)

Januar 2nd, 2011

Players of Gangstaz will find Global War very easy to learn, it has the same frame and most functions are identical.

With Global War publisher Addmired took the frame of Original Gangstaz, filled in complete new content and created a new massive multiplayer online game. As we know it from Gangstaz, it is crucial to build your own squad fast for a successful gaming experience.

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Get Friend Codes for Race or Die here

April 14th, 2010

Build up your crew for Race or Die here

Race or Die, published by the Godfather, is a massive Online Roleplay for iPhone and iPod Touch, where you are performing Street races. Collect money by doing jobs or managing your estates, buy cars and parts and race against your opponents. But wait... To be fast enough to succeed in races, you need a team. The bigger the better.

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Get Player-Ids for Mafia Wars here

April 14th, 2010

Build up your Mafia to be more powerful and mighty in Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars published by Zynga is one of the most successful free Roleplay-Games in Apples iTunes. They say it is played by 1,8 Million players and all of them need to build up their Mafia to be more mighty in performing fights with other clans and doing jobs. Leave your Player-ID here and await the invitation of other players to gain Strengh and Power!

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Get Player IDs for Street Racing App

April 14th, 2010

Screenshots of Street Racing App by Zynga

Building up your crew is essential for Street Racing by Zynga. While the games is played by really a lot of people, it is not so easy to grow the crew. Unfortunately you'll need a large crew for the races and the missions. So just leave your Player-ID here and take some of the posted Player IDs to build up your successful crew.

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Alliance Codes for World War App by Storm8

April 14th, 2010

World War is a massive online strategy game by Storm8

If you play World War, the fantatastic strategy War-Game published by Storm8 you are in need to build up your alliance. With your allies you become stronger and more successful in battles. Find here your new allies.

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